Round Basket in Recycled Fabric

Round Basket in Recycled Fabric

Round Basket of Fabric Recycled Scraps

learn how to make this round basket by recycling scraps or fabrics with this quick and easy step-by-step #patchwork DIY tutorial.

80 cesta


To make the recycled scraps basket we have to prepare the following materials:

patchwork fabrics


  • matching fabric scraps
  • a fabric for the lining

Foam – Interfacing – Batting – Interlining – Wadding


Cinta de Bies


  • Cinta de sesgo o bies estrecha de 2 centímetros
  • Cintas decorativas, encajes, botones,… para decorar la parte exterior del cesto.
  • Cola de ratón o hilo encerado
Paint on Fabrics

Pintura de aplicación de Tela: 

– to make the sign or poster an Alphabet Stamp Set:

– Tampón de Tinta: Comprar



– rodillo de costuras: 

– cúter:

– regla: 

– tijeras de zigzag: 

– plancha de viaje para patchwork:


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