Basket “Garden”

Basket “Garden”

Basket "Garden" with applications

In today’s video I propose to make this spectacular basket.

As you can see, it has a very cheerful decoration. With these flower pots that we made with appliqués and yo-yos, I put them on both sides and then joined the fabric that I put here on the base with the lining.

I’m going to use it to store the projects and the work I did in the middle, but you can use it for whatever you want.


For today’s tutorial we will use the following materials:

  • Two canvas fabrics with which we will make the outer part.
  • To make the appliqués we will use friselle, which is double-sided. As you can see, on one side it is a paper, on the other side it is shiny and will allow us to place the different pieces very easily.
  • We also need to use scraps, offcuts, of different fabrics with which we will make the appliqués.
  • We have buttons with which we will decorate,
  • Pearl thread with which we will embroider the stems of the different flowers.
  • For the handle I will use this type of strap which, as you can see, is the tone of the fabrics I used
  • And finally I have a stabilizer. This is about half an inch thick, which will allow the basket to have a good body and shape.

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Download the patterns here