Purse with a fabric rose

Purse with a fabric rose

decorate your work with a fabric rose

In this video, I propose to make this original handbag in which we decorated one of its sides with this rose we made from fabric.

I think it is a very simple and beautiful project and the flower itself is a great idea to decorate any other kind of work.

We can put it on a purse, on a backpack, on a necklace, as a brooch, or on the lapel of a coat,  I think it’s a lovely flower.


monedero con rosa de tela
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For today’s exercise we will use the following materials.

  • fabrics to make the flower. They are the same color, but in different shades.
  • a green leaf fabric
  • Two fabrics that I will use for the inside and outside of the fabrics
  • felt-type stabilizer and one side is thermoadhesive.
  • A bias binding tape about 3 cm wide
  • A hook in case we want to use it later carried by hand
  • And a zipper with a length of 15 centimeters