Nº 106 “Susana” Pouch #patchwork

Nº 106 “Susana” Pouch #patchwork

Pouch "Susana"

In today’s video we make a vanity case that, as you can see, has a very basic design in terms of its general shape, but nevertheless we have given it a completely unique touch by bringing that drawing of the doll that we have made with watercolor pencils, the personalization of the name and above all the work we have done with scraps both on the front and on the back. 


You are going to see what is done in a moment and we are also going to learn a great trick so that the zippers, as you can see, have a perfect finish.

neceser patchwork susana


To make this project you will need the following materials:


  • A drawing that I have made with watercolor pencils that you can download for free on the website and the technique that he has used is perfectly described in another video on the channel.


  • I have made a small poster with the name of the person for whom this bag is intended with watercolor pencils:


  • We have one fabric that we will use for the lining and four fabrics that we will use for the outside,


  • a zipper 30 centimeters long and inside the bag to give it body and shape I’m going to use stabilizer.

We can also know it as “foam” or as “foam rubber”.  Press zipper fabrics:

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Neceser retales patchwork susana
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