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For everyone to enjoy creative sewing, the most important thing is to follow clear and straightforward explanations.

That’s why we have created this channel where you can watch step by step as many times as you need to make your creations come true.

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Hanging Heart

Hanging Heart The tutorial is this ideal romantic heart to...
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Patchwork Multipurpose Case

Clutch or document wallet. Book cover, tablet, pencils... Tell you...
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Have Fabric Scraps?

Learn How to reuse and make patchwork fabric for projects
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Poinsettia Fabric Flower

Poinsettia Today I come to you a very special project. We...
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Advent Wreath

Advent wreath or Christmas crown Today we come to you...
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Fabric Snowman

Fabric Snowman This fabric snowman is really very simple to...
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Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking Quick and easy creative sewing tutorial to make...
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Tissue Box Cover

Tissue Box Cover I present the new tutorial to make...
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Xmas Houses

Christmas Tree Ornaments In today's video I bring you these...
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