Easy Drawstring Tricolour Bag

Easy Drawstring Tricolour Bag

Tricolor Drawstring Bag "Ángeles".

The tricolour bag “Ángeles” is a real treat!!!! And although it has a very original and special design, it is a work suitable for those just starting in the world of creative sewing. All you have to do is choose three contrasting fabrics and get started!

I show you, as always, step by step. Are you up for it?

As always, I will explain to you step by step and in the easiest way possible how to do it as we do in all our projects.

At the bottom of this page, you have the link to download the moulds.

I remind you that all our projects include free downloadable patterns and tutorials.

Youtube Video Tutorial

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drawstring bag
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Materials Used (UK Associate Links)

Download Patterns

We remind you that both the video tutorials and the patterns for download are free, and we do it with all our love.


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