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For everyone to enjoy creative sewing, the most important thing is to follow clear and straightforward explanations.

That’s why we have created this channel where you can watch step by step as many times as you need to make your creations come true.

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CLIC en la imagen y descargue la plantilla GRATIS.

Poinsettia Fabric Flower

Poinsettia Today I come to you a very special project. We...
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Advent Wreath

Advent wreath or Christmas crown Today we come to you...
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Fabric Snowman

Fabric Snowman This fabric snowman is really very simple to...
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Rag Quilt Rawstring Bag

Drawstring Sewing Bag (Rag Quilt) With this project we complete...
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Christmas Stocking

Christmas Stocking Quick and easy creative sewing tutorial to make...
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Xmas Houses

Christmas Tree Ornaments In today's video I bring you these...
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Cupcake Note Holder

Cupcacke Notes Holder Today, we present a practical and straightforward...
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Tricolour Drawstring Bag

Tricolor Drawstring Bag "Ángeles". The tricolour bag "Ángeles" is a...
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Pumpkins & Mushrooms

Easy Pumpkin & Mushrooms Craft Shall we decorate our autumn...
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Fabric Carnations

Patchwork Fabric Carnations This tutorial will show you an original...
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Twin Pouches

How to Make Two Twins Quick Toilet Bags This tutorial...
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