Tag: Kitchen

Cupcake Note Holder

Cupcacke Notes Holder Today, we present a practical and straightforward project with which we will decorate our kitchens and always have paper and pen at hand. It is a straightforward job, suitable for all levels, and it is excellent both to sell and give as a gift. Would you like …

Easy Bread Basket

Easy Table Bread Basket Are you up for it? #patch #patchwork #patchfacil #creative sewing #easysewing #easysewing #labores #laboresdelhogar #laborescrativas #diy #diydecor #diyhomedecor #diycraft #diycrafts As always, I will explain to you step by step and in the easiest way possible how to do it as we do in all our …


Patchwork Fabric Hen

Patchwork Hens Who wouldn’t like to have a little chicken in their kitchen? We present a straightforward project to add a touch of color to any corner of your home. They look beautiful with almost any fabric, and it’s also a perfect project to use small scraps of fabric we …

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